Year in Review – So many updates to Workshop Software

Happy New Year!

With the new financial year (in Australia) upon us, I thought it might be fun to check what’s actually happened over the past 12 months.

Well, its been a MASSIVE year, with so many updates and improvements to Workshop Software.

ALL of these improvements have been added to the system FREE for all users. Workshop Software is genuinely committed to the future of the Aftermarket Industry and we are proud to be able to offer so many new features, many that come from your feedback. To have done all these in such a short period of time is quite amazing, especially considering that some of these are huge jobs (for example, it is months of  work to do an accounting integration properly).

Check out just some of the new features that have been added (PLUS, we are VERY excited by some amazing new features coming very soon):

  • Integration with QuickBooks accounting package
  • Vehicle lookup for New Zealand Clients. Press a key and get all the details of the vehicle
  • Hour Reading added to the vehicle/invoice
  • Updated invoice to show Job Number more easily
  • Option to have the Invoice and Job Number as the same number
  • Infrastructure improvements to our servers
  • Messages on invoices, statements, job cards etc
  • WOF dates available for imports
  • Labour times – easier to enter
  • MYOB integration updated to include stock
  • Ability to delete attachments on invoice
  • New Job Card layout with lots of useful information added
  • QuickBooks and Reckon accounting integration via IIF file export
  • Android App – Clock times and take photos
  • If the date is not todays date, system will notify you and easily update to today’s date
  • Booking date gets updated when changing to a job
  • All the reports have been updated into a new great looking format which is easier to read and quicker to run, plus more options for outputting the exact data you want
  • Integration to Ashdown Ingram’s Quantum Pro application.
  • New discount field on invoice
  • Stocktaking function and reporting
  • Ability to take deposits and track
  • Ability to change vehicle owner and keep all the history of the vehicle.
  • Add/remove vehicle while doing an invoice
  • Import Vehicle History plus view imported history from Vehicle section
  • New invoice layouts, plus the choice of a number of formats
  • Add attachments to an invoice including photos and documents (the phone app already had the ability to add a photo, now you can add any file to the invoice)
  • Created the Help Resource Centre ( This has expanded to over 100 articles
  • New way to add a product on the invoice. Simple, plus all the info you need.
  • Added Follow-up date to invoice, plus follow-up notes and a report
  • Searchable tags added to products – find every product every time
  • Improved access to remote support
  • New categories added to products – Accessories and Tyres. Plus new reporting to break-down analysis of categories
  • Re-order items on the invoice (display the invoice in the formation that you want)
  • “Labour Style” invoice layout – print Labour, then parts

Plus, there are a number of small changes and improvements that aren’t listed here.

PLUS we plan to keep on improving and giving you even more value in the future. There are a number of VERY cool new ideas that we are excited to have in the pipeline planned for release over the next 12 months.

To your success….


James Mitchell
CEO of Workshop Software