Xero Summer of Addons Feedback

Xero Summer of Addons Results and Feedback

It was an honour to be chosen out of around 400 Xero addons, to present in the Xero Summer of Addons series.

The presentation went very well, and the message around Workshop Software changing an industry was very well received.

As the first Cloud based Automotive Software Solution for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket, Workshop Software has bold goals of changing the industry. With the new integration with Repco Navigator Pro, Workshop Software is positioning this partnership as “Workshop Auto-pilot”, enabling a mechanical workshop to effectively run their business on “Auto-Pilot”, with almost all the hard work done for them. (For details on this feature, click here: http://workshopsoftware.com.au/wp/workshop-auto-pilot)

Workshop Software’s has a mission of “A massive positive change to the Aftermarket Automotive Industry”.  To that end, Workshop Software is looking to not only provide awesome software, but partner with switched-on accounting firms who can help their clients grow and run their businesses even more effectively.

The feedback after the presentation was fantastic with a number of accounting firms contacting us to voice their interest in helping grow the Aftermarket Automotive Industry.

Here are a couple of snippets of feedback received:

“We listened in on todays Xero integration webinar & were impressed with your software.”

“I was impressed with how accessible and user-friendly your software looks and with your vision for the ongoing development of your product, which I can see is very compatible with the values of Xero.”

“Excellent webinar

Excellent product

Very modern

Very upto date

Very 2015

Not 1915″

You always enter into a presentation with the best intentions, and hope that you’re providing great value to the audience, but it’s great to get feedback that vindicates that you are indeed delivering a valuable message.

Workshop Software have bold plans for the future and are very much looking forward to building win/win, valuable and long lasting relationships with accountants, bookkeepers, integrators, and more.

The journey is already and exciting one, and its only just begun.


To your success…


James Mitchell
CEO of Workshop Software