workshop Software Update September 2014

Latest Update September 2014

Over the past few weeks we have taken on board feedback from our Current Workshop Software users and released an update with exciting new features that will help you effortlessly to run your business.

New Additions:

Keep up to date with your paid and outstanding customer statements with this simple addition, just slide off and on paid transactions to view your statements accordingly.

customer statments

  Being able to add additional Note’s and information to customer’s details has just become easy, a new notes box now appears in the customer details screen!

 notes customer


  You now have the ability to set default Payment terms for Account customers, in the customer detail screen:

 account terms defualt


Now when you process an invoice for an account customer you have new choices in the payment terms menu.

 account terms invoice


Check out your Purchase history now for Product in your Product details screen!

purchase history

For all those New Zealand companies you can now enter a “WOF” Date (Warranty of Fitment)



  • On import, default phone number fields to “Take numbers only” action. Sometimes imports were not working correctly because the phone number had spaces in it, and people were choosing the option “Take as is”. To make this simpler, the “Take Numbers only” option will remove the spaces, and treat the phone number as a number.
  • Hide “payment terms” if the invoice type is “Cash”

Stay Tuned for the next update!