Workshop Software New Zealand Update

Workshop Software New Zealand Update

We’ve done a couple of new things for our New Zealand Clients who use Workshop Software.

Firstly, we’ve added the selection of the country code in the Company Set-up. This makes the user experience better as it helps with the formatting of phone numbers, and the way states are used. We also plan on adding additional features to the system, specific to the requirements of New Zealand clients.

The second thing that we’ve done is a new New Zealand based phone number. Now we can be contacted in New Zealand by phoning 09 280 3444.

“New Zealand is an important market for Workshop Software and we see it as a real opportunity for growth. We’ve got a great vision for growth globally, and we want to make the user experience the best it possibly can be, no matter where in the world you are using the system. We have personally contacted some clients in New Zealand and asked for their feedback, and we’ve acted upon their suggestions, and we have more things planned.” Said James Mitchell CEO of Workshop Software.

If you’ve got suggestions, we would love to hear them. Drop us an email, or give us a call.