Exciting update to Workshop Software – May 2015

Workshop Software has released an update to improve and enhance the way you run your business. We aim to review on a regular basis our wish list created from the feedback we get from the system. When we have a repeated request we action it!

Be sure to watch the video at the bottom.

Some of the features added in this update:

1. Automatic Service Due reminders 

The ability now to customize your default messages for both Service due and Registration renewal.


2. Customer Split Payment 

 When processing a payment for account customers you enter in the amount paid and tender type

payment 1

Press the applied button so the EFTPOS amount has been taken off the invoice total:

payment 2

3. New process for Cash Account invoices 

When processing a cash account invoice you now can select the payment method after selecting process. Also you can make a split payment using different tender types

Split payment


4. Customers/Companies can now be set up as GST free

GST free customer

Check out this Video for more information: