Workshop Software FREE iPhone App helps increase productivity

Here at Workshop Software we are continually improving and innovating in our quest to provide more and more value to our clients.

A major step forward in this new level of innovation is a FREE iPhone App that allows you to increase your efficiencies in your Workshop.   The app will allow mechanic’s to set up their own log in and be able to clock on and off jobs using their camera and the job card barcode.

Our mission is to make a massive positive impact to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. We aim to empower Workshops to compete with the dealers so you can obtain the best outcome for your business. Labour management is a major part of  a Mechanical Workshop’s business, and in the past, it’s been too difficult for a small workshop to properly manage mechanics time. It used to take ages to enter the time into a system, or costly set-up of hardware required to run systems that managed the time.

Now, you can simply invest in a phone or even an iPod touch (around a couple of hundred dollars) and know exactly what’s going on in your workshop. Even the smallest workshop has no excuse to manage time. Remember, time = money. You sell time for money, so why don’t you manage it?

Download your copy of the app from the Apple App Store by clicking this link: (Alternately, search “Workshop Software” in the App Store)

This app will revolutionise the mechanic performance in your workshop.

Check out the video for further information and demonstration on how this works.