Workshop Software Data Security

We sometimes get asked about data security in relation to Workshop Software and, from time to time, have those that are afraid of cloud technologies. In fairness, I understand the concern, however, it can be compared to the original fear of mobile phones and that “they” will be able to hear my call.

Honestly, I’d bet that the data that Workshop Software houses is more secure and safer than almost any other Workshop out there with an installed system on their own hardware.

You see, here at Workshop Software, we’ve made MASSIVE investments into the infrastructure that our systems run on. The system runs on the highest quality data servers provided by arguably the worlds leading hardware infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS houses some top companies including Netflix, Expedia, Reddit, Adobe, AirBNB, Pinterest and a whole lot more.

Workshop Software is housed in the AWS Sydney Data Centre which supports unparalleled security, speed of access to the internet and backup and redundancy features.