Workshop Software’s New Booking Calender

Workshop Software continues to add more and more value to your business by implementing new features and options.

The latest feature is a brand new booking calendar/diary that allows you to take even more control of your workshop. We have been listening to your feedback and this has been one of the most requested features, and we are happy and proud to be able to deliver this new feature. You’ll also love that there is no additional fee for this great feature, it’s all covered by you low monthly subscription, starting at $49 per month.

One of the greatest features of the booking calendar is the fact that you can use it at your level, and run it as a simple daily diary, or drill down directly to mechanic level. This means that you can drill all the way down to which mechanic is booked on which jobs, your can simply book in for a day and leave the time unallocated, meaning you’ve not specifically chosen a mechanic.

 This great new option is located just above your Job Centre:

Booking Calender

You can allocate your job to a Mechanic, allowing to to see how many hours each Mechanic have for the day:

Booking Mechanics

Not only that, you can set how many hours are to be booked out each day, and look over-all at your month to see the hours booked per day, and how many jobs!

Please click the Video below for a Demonstration on how to use the Booking Calender:

We are in the process of already making a couple of improvements. We’ve planned to add a plus to each day, so you can click on the day to make a new booking.

We certainly hope that you see value in these new additions that are being added to your Workshop Software subscription. Your feedback and input has been great, and we continue to act upon it and deliver in our quest to turn your business into a streamlined machine.


Warm Regards,