Vehicle Groups for Marine, RV, Truck, Power Equipment, Machinery and more

A new feature that makes using Workshop Software a whole lot easier for a whole lot of business types.

In order to effectively manage the types of vehicles/equipment that you work on, you can now choose from a number of different types of vehicles, and select multiple types if required. For example, you may want to choose, trucks, trailers & machinery. Simply go into the company settings and select in the “Vehicle Groups” box.


 Watch this 2 minute video for details on how you can set-up your Vehicle Groups. If you work on standard equipment/vehicles that you feel should be added to the list, feel free to email us with the details.



We are always working on ways that we can improve the system and help the user experience to be simpler, more valuable and more streamlined. Workshop Software is committed to improving the product, and value feedback from clients, which in turn creates new features such as this. We hope you find it valuable.

  • karen

    Can you add buses, we work on buses, over 200 of them and are looking at your system.

  • James Mitchell

    To clarify further, busses are listed under “Trucks / Articulated” vehicles.
    If you’d like further info, may be easier to discuss on the phone? Happy for you to call 1300 729 658