The number 1 most overlooked Workshop issue that could be costing you thousands

What is the main purpose of a mechanical workshop?

Most would answer that question with “Sell Labour”.

If you answered that question this way, it would be difficult to argue that you were completely wrong (OK, the odd person might come up with something else like “providing the best customer service”; “Getting the job done right the first time” etc, but these things still revolve around selling labour).

If selling labour is the number one purpose of a mechanical workshop, then how important is it to manage that labour effectively?

Have a think about your workshop. Could you honestly say that you manage your labour 100 percent effectively? If not, then you need to read on…this could be costing you thousands of dollars (if you answered YES to managing your labour 100% effectively, then I want to hear from you).

You see, if you’re not clocking the times of your mechanics, how could you possibly know the efficiency and profitability of your labour?

In fairness, up until now, it’s been real hard (and/or expensive) to track your mechanics properly. That’s why the majority of workshops don’t do it, and, if that’s you, then you’re missing out.

Workshop Software have come up with a solution that will not only allow you to know exactly what’s going on, know your exact profitability, but also take virtually no time, and cost you no money!

With the free phone app, you can simply scan a job card, click a button on the phone, and you’ve clocked on. Click another button and you’ve clocked off. The App will track the time, and know who the mechanic is, all while the work is being carried out.

In today’s modern workshop, you’ve got lots of challenges (changing cars, dealerships taking your business, more knowledgeable customers with higher expectations plus lots more) and you need to stay competitive. Think what it would mean if you don’t do something about this (and your competitor does do something!).

Watch this 2 minute video. Then be sure to take out a free trial of Workshop Software, and start taking command of your workshop today.