Take payments / deposits on invoices

Sometimes you need to be able to take a payment from a customer without needing to finalise an invoice.

In Workshop Software, this is really easy to do.

Check out this video which shows you how simple it is to add a deposit (payment) onto an invoice, and even add ongoing payments through the life of the invoice. This can be particularly useful when you require staged (or periodic) payments for a large job. It’s also great for when you’re making special orders for parts for a job. For example, a piece of equipment, a special custom build, a large modification, or just to get a commitment from a customer before you start the job.

Check out this two minute video which shows you how simple this is to do and what it will mean to you and your customers:

At Workshop Software we are constantly striving to add more and more value to the system and deliver on your feedback. This feature has been added to the system based on customer feedback, and we are proud to be able to deliver, and we will continue to do so.

We truly hope you find this, and all the other features we have added (and features we will continue to add) valuable.

To your success…


James & the Workshop Software Team.