Emailing Invoices now more efficient and streamlined

Email Invoice Selection

Emailing Invoices – select from new contact list Workshop Software have released a new update that makes emailing your invoices even simpler and more efficient. The Customer Details have been updated to allow for additional contact information so you can store more email, phone and contact info for your client. Then, when you select to

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Supplier order attached to invoice

Supplier Order attach to Invoice

It’s important to manage your ordering and make sure that you bill customers through the process. It’s easy to miss charging out a product, which can happen when you get busy. Workshop Software ensures that you don’t miss another part with a simple feature that allows you to attach an order to an invoice. When

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Easily Update Customer or Vehicle when invoicing

Easily Change Customer and Vehicle When invoicing

We get great questions from clients, and sometimes realise that sometimes some of the simple functions might be overlooked, or not even realise they exists. We thought we would share this cool tip with you that will help you be more efficient when invoicing. You might not realise how quick and simple it is to edit the

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Invoice Update – Add and Remove Vehicle

There has been another time-saving update to Workshop Software. We have received feedback from clients that they wanted the ability to add or remove the vehicle even after the invoice has been created. Once again, we’ve taken action on your feedback, and added this great, time-saving feature to Workshop Software. Check out this 2 minute

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