Want more flexibility with your accounting integration?

Integrating your accounts just got a whole lot more flexible Workshop Software has made integration to accounting packages a whole lot more flexible. Through this simple to set-up, yet very powerful function, you can set-up product groups and have them allocate sales to a specific General Ledger account in your accounting package. Whether you use

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Xero Summer of Addons Feedback

Xero Summer of Addons Results and Feedback It was an honour to be chosen out of around 400 Xero addons, to present in the Xero Summer of Addons series. The presentation went very well, and the message around Workshop Software changing an industry was very well received. As the first Cloud based Automotive Software Solution for the Australian Automotive

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Xero Feedback Testimony of upward trajectory

Workshop software xero feedback

Xero Accounting Add-on Feedback Public feedback is an interesting thing. You’re putting yourself out there for anyone to say ANYTHING about you and your business… … you can also get some great comments. You could get a completely unreasonable person make comments that you believe are totally unfounded and unfair, while they think they are

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Xero Summer of Addons


Xero Summer of Addons – Workshop Software Workshop Software is presenting a 30 minute look at Workshop Software through the Xero Summer of Addons. Designed specifically for Accounting and Bookkeeping partners along with their clients, the Xero Summer of Addons allows Xero Partners an insight into the role addons play in the Xero ecosystem and how they

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