Repco Integration. Your business on Auto-pilot

Put your Mechanical Workshop business on Auto-pilot with Repco Integration

Workshop Software is officially integrated with Repco Navigator Pro

This is one of, if not THE biggest thing to happen to automation of mechanical workshops in this region. It is our goal to streamline workshops to make them more efficient, more accurate and more profitable.

This new initiative does exactly that

Imagine a day where you can create a job card, order stock and process all your transactions, without even entering a part number.

Not possible?

Well, now it is.

With Workshop Software integrated with Repco Navigator Pro, your workshop will be on auto-pilot.

Workshop Software have been working closely with Repco over the past few months to create a new tool that will change the way mechanical workshops carry out their day to day business.

No longer does a workshop have to lookup information in one system, and manually enter the details into their business system.  The old way has often caused mistakes, and takes up so much time that a mechanical workshop could be spending with customers and being more productive. With Workshop Software and Repco integration, your business will be on Auto-Pilot, saving you hours and hours of time, as well as eliminating mistakes.

Just a few of the features of this integration:

  • Creating a job card for a log-book service now takes just seconds with direct integration with Smartquote.
  • Sell the right part with direct integration with Repco Parts
  • Order parts directly from a job at the click of one button.
  • Repco Invoices and credits are automatically added into Workshop Software, without you even needing to type in ANYTHING. Simply authorise the invoice and it’s done (imagine the time saving)
  • Plus more

Watch this short video to get the full impact of this revolutionary new offering from Workshop Software. And all this for less than the price of a coffee a day.

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Repco Integrated

Repco Navigator Pro integrated