MYOB Integration with Workshop Software

Workshop Software is pleased to announce the official launch of integration with MYOB.

We have been working closely with the team at MYOB on creating a streamlined system that allows a mechanical Workshop to seamlessly integrate MYOB with the leading on-line Workshop Management system, Workshop Software.

This means that you’ll be able to post an invoice in Workshop Software, and it will automatically sync with MYOB, you’ll see it in MYOB virtually instantly. Customer receipts supplier invoices, supplier payments, and customer and supplier details are all synced too.

This saves a massive amount of time, and eliminates mistakes.

“We are very excited by the opportunity of working with an organisation with a virtual household name like MYOB.” said James Mitchell, CEO of Workshop Software.

“This gives a great opportunity for those workshops who are using MYOB, but don’t have proper automotive workflow management software. For the price of 3 coffees per week, a workshop can totally transform the way they do business, and turn their workshop into a streamlined machine.” James added.

“By just using a couple of the features of Workshop Software, a Workshop will be able to easily make back the small investment in Workshop Software. A couple of features that are so simple yet so powerful include the automatic service reminders, and the simple workflow management, from booking through to invoice, and into MYOB. Not to mention integration with Repco, and an iPhone app to manage your jobs; Workshop Software puts the power in the hands of the Workshop.”

“It gives a level playing field for the small workshop. They can now compete on customer service with the big dealership. Throw MYOB into the mix, and you’ve got a complete business system.”

“This is going to be an exciting partnership, and a great win for the Aftermarket Automotive industry” concluded James.

Check out this short video which shows how you can integrate MYOB, and the seamless flow when processing an invoice.