Increase productivity and customer service with this great new feature

Workshop Software Image Gallery

Workshop Software Image Gallery

You’re always looking for great ways to be more productive and offer better service to your clients, right?

There is an amazing new feature added to workshop software that allows you to do exactly that. You’ll become more productive, by cutting down any confusion, and you’ll be offering better customer service by being more professional, specific and clearer to understand.

You see, the Workshop Software iPhone app, has had an update. This update allows you to select the “Photo” mode, take one or more photos, and attach them to a selected job.

Think of the possibilities…

You can provide your customers with more information about the repair you are doing. Imagine showing a customer a photo after taking the head off a damaged motor, or when grinding the rotors, you could show them a photo of the cause of pads worn to metal!

You can also take a photo of some damage to the vehicle, to cover yourself in the unlikely event that a customer tried to place the blame on you.

You could use it for training of your technicians. Take photos of certain types of jobs, then go back to those photos to see what you did last time.

I’m sure you could think of a number more practical examples.

Check out this quick video which explains how it works:


It’s FREE …

As with all updates to Workshop Software so far, this is provided FREE of charge, with your subscription. Even if you’re on a 14 day free trial, you’ll be able to download and use the App. Download the app on as many devices as you like, have as many mechnic logins as you like, all FREE of charge.

Download your copy today from the App Store. Search for WS Software in the App Store, or click on this link from your mobile or iPad:


I’d love to hear your feedback. Let me know how you use the photos and what kind of feedback you get from your clients and staff. Looking forward to hearing your story.

To your success…


James Mitchell

CEO of Workshop Software