How to sync Workshop Software with MYOB

Workshop Software is a system to run the front end of your business and integrates with either the accounting package Xero or MYOB for the back end Accounts. If you already a user or either Xero or MYOB  all of your Customers, Suppliers and Stock  will sync over to Workshop software. The sync between both systems will streamline your business and save you time and money when it comes to bookkeeping and accounting fees. The sync will allow all invoices and payments made in Workshop Software visible in either Xero or MYOB in just seconds!

Here is a guide for all MYOB users how to sync your systems.  (you have to be running the MYOB online version) myob

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ & ‘MYOB Settings’ in Workshop Software



  1. Select ‘Authorise MYOB’ 


  1. Authorise your Account with MYOB by placing you credentials in the log-on option as below

 myob log in


  1. Select you correct Accounts in the fields, as per below

 myob gl


  1. Select ‘Sync’ to do a first time sync between the systems. This should sync over details either form Workshop Software or MYOB