How to add a service/labour job in Workshop Software

This guide will show how you can add a labour/service job into Workshop Software.

  1. Click on ‘Products’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen

 new p 1

  1. Select the ‘+’ symbol at the top right of the screen to add the details of the service job

 products 2


      3. Enter the details of the service job

  • Item code – type of service
  • Description
  • Swipe Yes to Service
  • Swipe yes to don’t update QTY
  • Retail price – charge per hour
  • Invoice comments – any notes you want to appear on the invoice
  • Job card notes – any notes for the mechanic, these do not appear on the invoice
  • All other fields are N/A

 products 3

  1. Save

 Check out this video for more information.