How to add a new user to Workshop Software

How to add a new user to Workshop Software

We sometimes get asked about adding extra users to the system. We’ve found that some businesses are giving the login details to other people, and getting them to logon to the sytem at the same time as someone else. The problem with that is the system only allows one logon per username, so will logoff the other user (we’ve had a couple of people asking why they’ve been logged out, and we’ve discovered that they are trying to login multiple times).

If you want to add a new user to Workshop Software, there are a couple of simple steps. When adding an extra user, there is an extra charge (Note that you can delete users, and reduce the charge too).

First step, choose “User Setup/Maintenance” (note, you can click to enlarge the images)

Workshop Software User Setup


Next, Click the “Plus” sign to add a new user:


Then enter the details of the new user:



Once you’ve done, that, you’re done. The user will now be able to log into Workshop Software.