FREE Book: How to get Profitable FAST

Free Book: How to get Profitable FAST

Having worked in the Automotive industry for over 20 years, I’ve dealt with hundreds of businesses, and seen it all. My personal vision is “A massive positive change to the Automotive Industry” and to that end, I decided to help the industry by writing a book to help workshops be more profitable.

In my free book, you’ll discover the top 10 challenges faced by mechanical workshops, and some ways to overcome those challenges. I wanted to offer the book to businesses, free of charge, so I can reach as many people as possible, and help as many business owners as possible.

I’ve now made it even easier to get the book. You can get a copy delivered straight to your inbox, by clicking on the link on the home page of

James Mitchell Book How to Get Profitable Fast

James Mitchell Book How to Get Profitable Fast

I’d love to hear your feedback on what you thought of the book. Drop me a note at or call me on 1300 729 658

To your success…


James Mitchell
CEO of Workshop Software


  • Steve Rossiter

    Hi, i’m interested to try this software, will sign up for the free trial, thanks, Steve