Easily Update Customer or Vehicle when invoicing

Easily Change Customer and Vehicle When invoicing

We get great questions from clients, and sometimes realise that sometimes some of the simple functions might be overlooked, or not even realise they exists.

We thought we would share this cool tip with you that will help you be more efficient when invoicing.

You might not realise how quick and simple it is to edit the details of a customer or a vehicle when doing an invoice.

For example, if you wanted to update the Registration due date, (or WOF date, or MOT date), you can click a button, make the edit, save and be back in the invoice in an instant. Of course, that’s just one example of why you might use this, and you can edit anything on the vehicle or customer.

Check out the 2 minute video to see exactly how simple, yet effective, this feature is.

  • Shannon Wilson

    What about if the vehicle is sold to a new owner? How can I change the owner of a vehicle without having to input the vehicle details again (and losing the vehicle history)?

    • Workshop Software

      Hi Shannon

      In the vehicle, click the “Star”. This has an option called “Transfer Ownership”.