Discount feature that makes invoicing even easier

Customers have asked, and we’ve delivered once again.

Managing your invoicing in your workshop can be one of the most important things you do. That’s why we want to make the process as simple, efficient and as professional as possible.

Check out this new feature that has been added to workshop software that allows you to add a discount on your invoice. This super simple process allows you to enter an amount, or a percentage, helping you to give better, more professional invoices.

Check out this two minute video which shows you how simple this is to do, and you can see for yourself the benefits you’ll gain by this small, but effective addition:

Efficiency in your workshop is key and that’s why Workshop Software is designed to be as efficient as possible, and at the same time being as simple to use as possible. Sometimes there might be the a small step that can save a huge amount of time. It’s always wise to check the help resources to ensure that you know the most about Workshop Software and that you’re aware of those little tips and tricks which could be a big timesaver.

Remember to utilise the help centre resource which can be found here:

Hope this info helps.

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James & the Workshop Software Team.