Dashboard – KPIs, Graphs and key info for your workshop

Dashboard KPIs, graphs and key info

Dashboard KPIs, graphs and key info

Brand new Dashboard!

VERY exciting announcement of the Dashboard in Workshop Software.

This amazing new tool gives you a whole lot of key information about the performance of your business. Imagine now being able to make even quicker, and more informed business decisions with info about your operation that keeps you ahead of your competition.

In today’s market you’ve got to be on the ball. Now you can be even better informed, more profitable and more streamlined than ever before.

The dashboard includes:

  • Key sales information
  • Widgets on Bookings, jobs and which customers should be coming into your Workshop
  • There is the recent activity section that shows you what’s going on in your business, plus all mechanics that are clocked onto jobs.
  • News feed of latest info from Workshop Software
  • Sales and performance graphs showing you a visual representation of your business. There are 5 different graphs, plus you can toggle from a bar graph to a line graph.
  • An information section at the top of latest news from Workshop Software
  • Plus more.

Be sure to watch this video all the way through to the end, to ensure you get all of the amazing info that’s contained in the Dashboard.

Again, we are honoured to be able to help your Workshop to be more streamlined and profitable, and trust that you are getting great value from these updates that are offered free to all Workshop Software users.