Change Customer Feature

Change Customer on Invoice

Check out another cool update to Workshop Software.
Change Customer Workshop Software

We have had a number of clients request this new feature, particularly after we added the Copy Invoice function. (Check out this link for details on Copy Invoice: Once again, we’ve heard your requests and added this functional and effective feature that makes invoicing and quoting even easier.

There is a new button in the invoice that allows you to click it and change the customer for an open invoice or quote. This is really great for quoting. Often, Workshop Software users do quotes, and often those quotes are similar, or the same, as a previous transaction. Now you can go get that transaction, copy it, change the customers name (and vehicle if applicable), and you’ve got a new quote in a matter of seconds.

Check out the 2 minute video to see exactly how simple, yet effective, this new feature is.

P.S. This same functionality works for Supplier Invoices too.