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Workshop Software Preffered Capricorn Supplier

Workshop Software Preffered Capricorn Supplier

Workshop Software is delighted to be associated with Capricorn Society as a preferred supplier.

On Saturday, Workshop Software had a display stand at the Sydney Dinner and Display night held at the Hilton Hotel Sydney.

These kind of industry events are a fantastic opportunity for members and suppliers to meet and form new relationships or strengthen existing relationships. For Workshop Software it was a great opportunity to do exactly that with some important industry players and allowed us the opportunity to show members some of the great new things that we have been developing.

Capricorn 40th Anniversary Celebration

I’d like to congratulate Capricorn on their 40th year. Wow, what an achievement to be going strong for so many years. Well done!

Their message of service to members, and that the profits they make are returned to members is stronger than ever. The recent financial results are amazing, all for the benefits of members.

I was honoured to be seated next to Greg Wall, the CEO. When chatting with Greg, it became clearer to me why the Capricorn is so successful. A true leader is someone who engages the whole team and takes them on a journey to a greater place. I could see that Greg’s down to earth, yet professional attitude was a big part in leading this organisation through growth and success.

This also rubs off on the rest of the team. They all seem to have a great attitude and are genuinely committed to Capricorn and its members. There is not a team-member that is not happy to talk with you and give up their time, that flows right from the CEO, through the executive team and all the area managers.

Here’s hoping that Capricorn succeed for 40 more years and beyond.

If you’re not already a member, I’d suggest you do what over 16,000 other automotive businesses have done in Australia and New Zealand and start reaping the rewards that membership offers. Membership is free! For details, check out Capricorns website:


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