Ashdown Ingram Quantum Pro Integration

Workshop Software has another great time-saving tool. As the industry leading software supplier, we are committed to helping our clients to be more productive, more efficient and make more money.

We are very pleased to announce the integration of Workshop Software and Quantum Pro, Ashdown Ingram’s on-line system for parts lookup and ordering.

The integration is very simple to use, and will have you a huge amount of time on doing quotes, bookings, jobs and invoices. Ensure that you’ve got the right part at the right price, every time.

If you saved just a few minutes on every job, what would that mean in time, and ultimately money, each day, week, month or year? You’d be amazed at what the dollar value is of just a few minutes time saved per job, when calculated over a year.

Check out this 3 minute video which shows how simple and effective the integration is: