Another valuable Workshop Software update … from your feedback.

It’s been great to get some excellent feedback from our clients, it really is valuable

That’s how this update came about…

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a survey to all our clients asking them for feedback on Workshop Software. We received a whole host of valuable stuff, it was great!

This update has 4 new features added to workshop software that will make your business even more profitable and streamlined.

It includes a new Follow-up feature to get more clients and provide better customer service. There is a much better and quicker way to add new products while doing an invoice, and there is a new “Searchable Tag” for a product to make finding those products even easier. It also includes a new report and updates to how you access our support team.

Check out this quick video which explains how this update works and the advantages it provides you.

Hope you find this valuable.


  • Gary Collis

    Great new features, but still need to be able to sort the part numbers correctly for the VW Audi group vehicles so that the list makes sense. Any list of parts printed by normal sorting is difficult to read as all parts will be sorted by model code instead of what they are, eg clutch parts could be any where in the list instead of all together. Can we fix this problem please.