About Us

Make a massive positive impact on the global Automotive Aftermarket Industry.


Through 30 years of experience, Workshop Software have seen thousands of mechanical workshops, many without the right tools to correctly run their business. We see business intelligence and simple tools as a major factor in improving performance and profits for Mechanical Workshops. With bold plans to expand internationally, and software expansion through partnerships with some of the major players in the Automotive Industry, we see a bright future for the aftermarket Automotive Mechanical Workshop.

With the tools we have developed, and plan to expand on, we see the opportunity for the Aftermarket mechanical repairer being able to compete against the might of the franchise dealer.

“Having been in the industry for decades, and focusing on software for aftermarket workshops, I saw an opportunity to empower all workshops, with the right tools to run their business” said James Mitchell, Managing Director of Workshop Software Pty Ltd. “Having run an organisation with 30 years experience in Automotive Software, Workshop Software can leverage from the history, knowledge and experience.”

“The future is the cloud. We wanted to create a simple to use, self service, value for money offering that would suit every workshop. Workshop Software is a system that is powerful enough to do basically everything you need to manage your workshop, with the ease, simplicity and budget you require too. We see it as a win-win. ”

Using modern on-line technology to offer Software as a Service (SaaS), it means you can run your workshop anywhere anytime.

Comprising a team of committed, visionary dedicated people based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Workshop Software Pty Ltd sees the SaaS model of business solutions as the way forward for the future.

For you, it’s simple, efficient, easy to learn and use.

For more information email info@workshopsoftware.com.au. Or use our social media links.