1000 Users for Workshop Software

1000 Users for Workshop Software
Wow, what a remarkable achievement in such a short period of time!

We’re excited! And we really wanted to share our amazing news with you.

I also want to thank all our valued clients for your fantastic support.

Today, we reached the significant milestone of 1000 users! Considering this has happened in a little over 12 months, makes this achievement even more remarkable.

What’s even more exciting is some of the plans we have for even more growth and development, both of the product, and the business. It’s a wonderful time we live in today, with so many opportunities available to us and at Workshop Software the whole team is super excited about our current growth, plus what’s install for the future.

We continue to be committed to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry with our mission to help the Aftermarket grow and prosper.

Again, thanks for all your support, and stay tuned for an exciting ride ahead!

To your success…

James Mitchell

CEO Workshop Software